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Portfolio Overview

Disparities in cognitive skills emerge in children as young as nine months old and widen during later years. At kindergarten entry, sizable school readiness gaps exist. Illinois children—particularly children living in adverse environments—have shown inadequate levels of school readiness. Through mapping the journeys children from birth to eight years old take through Illinois early childhood programs and services and identifying the effectiveness of different pathways, IWERC provides important evidence for early childhood interventions and policies aiming to promote equality of opportunity.

Project 1: Overview of Illinois Early Childhood Programs and Services

IWERC began this portfolio of work by creating a comprehensive overview of Illinois early childhood programs and services that are provided at the state level. The report categorizes programs by the children served, the government agencies, the content, the delivery mechanisms, and the funding sources. More critically, it describes the evidence available for each program. The report—along with its figures and a summary table—can be found below.


IWERC’s Early Childhood Research Portfolio

A Comprehensive Overview of Early Childhood Programs and Services in Illinois

By Yi Wang, Ph.D. & Meg S. Bates, Ph.D.

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Programs by Age

Programs by Agency

Programs by Content

Programs by Delivery Method

Programs by Funding Stream

Summary Table

Project Team

SarahCashdollar 500x500

Sarah Cashdollar

Associate Director of Research, IWERC

Shereenbeilstein COE Pic Copy

Shereen Oca Beilstein

Research Specialist, IWERC

YiWang 500x500

Yi Wang

Former Postdoctoral Research Associate, IWERC