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A call to join

Led by the University of Illinois system, faculty, researchers, and educators play a vital role as DPI members.

DPI’s ambition is to propel Chicago and Illinois into a pre-eminent and inclusive tech economy over the next decade — putting more women and people of color in durable tech jobs. And to do it at scale.

DPI has lead more than $10 million in investments in faculty-led R&D teams and is launching businesses based on university research.

Membership details and how to join

Request to join DPI by submitting your name, short biography, and CV


Membership Benefits Include

  • Services and support for research and teaching initiatives
  • Connections to other faculty, researchers, and educators from DPI partner institutions
  • Invitation to speaker series and other DPI and DPI related events
  • Access to downtown Chicago DPI space and other shared resources
  • Support letters for grant proposals
  • Eligibility to vote for DPI Executive Committee
  • Monthly updates from DPI Director of Academic Affairs
  • Seed funding opportunities
  • DPI faculty affiliate status

Membership Expectations Include

  • Lead and participate in DPI activities
  • Teach affiliated courses and do outreach activities
  • Publicize research and education activities through DPI channels
  • List DPI affiliation when submitting manuscripts, giving talks, and accepting awards and prizes that are supported by DPI funds

Meenakshy Aiyer, UICOMP; UIC
Haitham Al-Hassanieh, ECE CSL CS; UIUC, UIS
Eben Alsberg, Biomedical Engineering; UIC, UIUC
Nancy Amato, Computer Science; UIUC
James Anderson, College of Education; UIUC
Amy Ando, Agricultural Consumer Economics; UIUC
Justin Arnoff, Speech and Hearing Science; UIUC
Liza Berdychevsky, College of Applied Health Sciences; UIUC
Jennifer Bernhard, ECE; UIUC
Nigel Bosch, Information Sciences; UIUC
Jake Bowers, Political Sciences; UIUC
Maxine Brown Director, Computer Science; UIC
Josh Bruce, Business Administration; UIUC
Meghan Burke, Special Education; UIUC
Elham Buxton, Computer Science; UIS
Ugo A Buy, Computer Science; UIC
Jordi Cabana, Chemistry; UIC
Nathan Castillo, Education; UIUC
Ahmet Enis Cetin, Electrical Computer Engineering; UIC
Xiaohui Chen, Statistics; UIUC
Vickie Cook, Online Professional Engaged Learning; UIS
Adriana Crocker, Political Science; UIS
Brian Cunningham, Electrical and Computer Engineering; UIUC
Angela Doehring, Allied Health; UIS
Lan Dong, English and Modern Languages; UIS
Catherine Dornfeld Tissenbaum, Curriculum and Instruction; UIUC
Katherine Driggs-Campbell, Electrical and Computer Engineering; UIUC
Maureen Dunne, Disability and Human Development; UIC
Robert A. Easter, President’s Office; UIUC
Danilo Erricolo, Electrical Computer Engineering; UIC
Michael Flavin, Discovery Partners Institute; UIC
Mani Golparvar-Fard, Computer Science; UIUC
Betsy Goulet, Public Administration; UIS
William Gropp, Computer Science; UIUC
Kaiyu Guan, Blue Waters Assistant Professor; UIUC
Yanhui Guo, Computer Science; UIS
Anne-Marie Hanson, Environmental Studies; UIS
Tamar Heller, Disability and Human Development; UIC
Mary Herrmann, Education Policy; UIUC
Kevin Hinders, Architecture; UIUC
Naira Hovakimyan, Mechanical Science Engineering; UIUC
Fatima Husain, Speech and Hearing Science; UIUC
Laila Hussein Moustafa, Library University; UIUC
Ravishankar Iyer, Computer Science; UIUC
Ronald Jacobs, Educational Policy; UIUC
Yih-Kuen Jan, Kinesiology and Community Health; UIUC
Jeffrey Eric Jenkins, Theatre; UIUC
Steve Jones, Communication; UIC
Prasanta Kalita, Agricultural & Biological Engineering; UIUC
Robin Kar, Law; UIUC
Ranjan Karri, Management Marketing and Operations; UIS
Daniel S. Katz, NCSA; UIUC
Volodymyr Kindratenko, Senior Reserach Scientist; UIUC
Karl Kochendorfer, Chief Health Information Officer; UIC
Elizabeth Kocs, UIC Energy Initiative; UIC
Megan Konar, Civil and Environmental Engineering; UIUC

Sanmi Koyejo, Computer Science; UIUC
Jerry Krishnan, College of Medicine; UIC
Jacob Krive, Biomedical & Health Information Sciences; UIC
Kenneth Kriz, Public Administration; UIS
Robert Lawless, College of Law; UIUC
Kevin Leicht, Sociology; UIUC
Alex Leow, Psychiatry and Bioengineering; UIC
Jessica Li, Education Policy; UIUC
Yu-Feng Lin, Illinois Water Resources Center; UIUC
Robb Lindgren, Curriculum and Instruction; UIUC
Tim Lindsey, Smart Energy Design Assistance Center; UIUC
Jeffrey Loeb, Medicine; UIC
Biswajit Maharathi, Neurology Rehab Medicine; UIC
Liz Marai, Computer Science; UIC
Sayan Mitra, Electrical and Computer Engineering; UIUC
Raksha Mudar, Speech and Hearing Science; UIUC
Rakesh Nagi, Industrial and Enterprise System Engineering; UIUC
Shelly Nikols-Richardson, College of Agricultural Consumer and Environmental Sciences; UIUC
William Norris, Industrial Enterprise Systems Engineering; UIUC
Melkior Ornik, Aerospace Engineering; UIUC
Luc Paquette, Curriculum and Instruction; UIUC
Venetria Patton, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences; UIUC
Rachel Poretsky, Biological Sciences; UIC
Aria Razfar, Curriculum and Instruction; UIC
Krishna Reddy, Civil and Materials Engineering; UIC
Carolee Rigsbee, Management Marketing and Operations; UIS
Valleri Robinson, Theatre; UIUC
Wendy Rogers, College of Applied Health Sciences; UIUC
Romit Roy Choudhury, ECE; UIUC
William Ryan, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; UIC
Srinivasa Salapaka, Mechanical Science and Engineering; UIUC
Eunice Santos, Information Sciences; UIUC
Sonali Shah, Gies College of Business; UIUC
Deepak Somaya, Business Administration; UIUC
William (Bill) Stewart, Recreation Sport and Tourism; UIUC
Emily Stiehl, SPH HPA; UIC
Victoria Stodden, Information Sciences; UIUC
Ruoyu Sun, Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering; UIUC
Marie Tejero Hughes, Special Education; UIC
Michael Twidale, Information Sciences; UIUC
Lav Varshney, Electrical and Computer Engineering; UIUC
Lucia Vazquez, Biology; UIS
Venu Veeravalli, ECE; UIC
Jorge Villegas, College of Business and Management; UIS
Shaowen Wang, Geography and Geographic Information Science; UIUC
Katherine Warpeha, Biological Sciences; UIC
Asif Wilson, Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education; UIUC
Ken Wilund, Kinesiology and Community Health; UIUC
Donald Wink, Chemistry; UIC
Jeff Woods, College of Applied Health Sciences; UIUC
Donald Wuebbles, Atmospheric Sciences; UIUC
Sarah Zehr, Office of the Executive VP/ VP Academic Affairs; UIUC
Lan Zhang, Finance; UIC
Lenore Zuck, Computer Science; UIC