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Research and Development Science Team Seed Grants

Science teams should be interdisciplinary and inter-institutional with the goals of creating new economic value, answering significant research questions, and addressing societal challenges. Applicants should address these goals by establishing innovative research teams or new businesses. The 2021 cohort will add to our list of successful and dynamic teams created in 2020.

The 2021 DPI Research and Development Cluster Seed Grants application is available through the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign submission site.

Apply Today!

For this funding opportunity DPI is seeking proposals in the following sectors:

  • Digital Government
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Health and Wellness
  • Information Technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Water and Climate

Funding available: Up to $125,000 over 18 months

Additional Details

Proposals should focus on the applications of computing technologies (e.g., AI/ML, Big data, security/privacy) to problems facing these sectors in order to address important societal challenges.

Due: June 1, 2021, 11:59 PM CT

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Information Session and Team Facilitation Meeting

DPI will hold an information session on May 13 from 8:30 – 10 am CT. The meeting will include an informational presentation and include time for questions and answers. The second half of the meeting will be devoted to facilitating team formation. If you plan to attend the team facilitation portion of the meeting please provide information on your research interests to the event registration link. Prior to the meeting we will distribute the research interests and contact information for those who registered in order to enable off-line networking as well. While we encourage participation, your involvement in this meeting will not impact the review of a subsequent proposal.

Information Session (8:30 – 9:15am) 

  • Welcome: Phyllis Baker, DPI Director of Academic Affairs
  • Opening Remarks:
    • Susan Martinis, Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation at UIUC
    • TJ Augustine, Vice Chancellor for Innovation at UIC
  • Overview of DPI R&D Program and Science Team Seed Grants: Venkat Venkatakrishnan, DPI Director of Research
  • Q & A
  • Overview of DPI – Bill Jackson, DPI Executive Director
  • Explanation of Networking Session – Michael Fitzsimons, DPI Associate Director of R&D Programs

Networking Session (9:15 – 10am)

  • Attendees move to a sector break-out room of their choice
  • Faculty introductions and discussion

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Please email your questions to or check out the frequently asked questions (FAQ) here.