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Thu, Aug 19, 20211:00pm

Situation Knowledge on Demand (SKOD)

The objective of this research is to fuse streaming data from multiple sources and identify rare events to alert the user and meet the mission requirements. The user can ask for specific information or the machine learning system will learn the needs/interest of user and forward new incoming data with a relevance score. Research questions such as trustworthiness of data, variation of data values from same source (such as sensor, video camera, user tweet, police incident report) are addressed due to uncertainty of data accuracy and noise.
virtual Seminar/Symposium
Thu, Aug 26, 20211:00pm

Understanding, Designing, and Developing Virtual Human Interactions to Promote Healthy Behaviors

Virtual humans provide a human representation to computers. Their ability to simulate face-to-face conversations using both verbal and non-verbal behaviors has made them an important tool in information communication. However, designing virtual humans as an effective communication medium requires a deeper understanding of different factors that influence user interactions with virtual humans.
virtual Seminar/Symposium
Thu, Sep 2, 20211:00pm

Machine Learning Empowered Cyber Attack and Defense

Artificial Intelligence plays a more vital role in understanding threats, vulnerabilities, and security policies in today’s network. In this talk, two works on machine learning empowered cyber attack and defense will be discussed. In the first work, we aim at thwarting malicious efforts (i.e., adversarial, active end-to-end network measurement) targeting the inference of network topology information.
virtual Seminar/Symposium

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R&D Seminar Series: Machine Learning Empowered Cyber Attack and Defense