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For employers: Chicago’s Future Tech Talent Pipeline

Work with DPI Tech Scholars to find future employees to move your business forward.

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Immersion Programs for Undergrad and Graduate Students

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Enter Illinois’ Tech Sector BEFORE you graduate

DPI Tech Scholars have a unique opportunity to receive a complete semester of courses along with a hands-on immersive experience in Chicago in a tech company, a DPI Science Team, or a local civic organization or nonprofit.

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Chicagoland Tech Ecosystem and Cultural Exposure

Students interact with Chicagoland technology and innovation culture, and experience Chicago’s museums, parks, events and programs alongside their fellow Scholars.


Paid Immersion in a Tech Experience

Students accelerate their careers by working part-time, 20 hours/week at a Chicago organization. Students make meaningful connections to regional employers and industries, university research teams, civic and nonprofit organizations, and startups that will lead to employment and talent retention in the region.

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Full-time Course Load

Students participate in upper division courses in computer science, computer engineering, data analytics and data science in person and online to receive a full semester of credit.

DPI Tech Scholars

Live, Work and Learn in Chicago

DPI Tech Scholars Programs offer students the opportunity to spend a semester living, working, and learning in Chicago. In addition to receiving credit for a full course-load while participating in a paid internship, Scholars have access to Chicago’s top technology leaders, creating a network of career-enhancing relationships. Students can participate in a wide variety of different immersion programs
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Immersion Programs for Undergrad and Graduate Students
Immersion Programs for Undergrad and Graduate Students

DPI Tech Interns

New paid internships will help solve real technical challenges at Chicago-area companies

Undergraduate and graduate students get to experience meaningful, paid work experience in the tech sector. Companies receive valuable work product, access to potential future employees, and professional development for an early-career tech manager.

The formula for DPI’s Tech Intern program? Teams of 4-6 students work on-site with Chicago-area tech companies in the areas of Data Analytics, Web + Application Development, and Software Testing Automation. Students are paid for up to 20 hours of work per week during the fall or spring semester, or 40 hours/week over the summer.


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Immersion Programs for Undergrad and Graduate Students

City Scholars

Gain a Competitive Advantage through Engineering City Scholars

Run by the Grainger College of Engineering at UIUC, this program pairs top computer science and computer engineering students with Chicago tech companies for semester-long internships. Engineering City Scholars work 20 hours per week at a paid internship with Chicago tech companies, making connections, and building a competitive career-focused resume.

  • Earn a competitive wage while interning with a Chicago Tech company
  • Advance your career through numerous networking and work opportunities – meeting tech leaders across Chicago, at their offices and at speaker events
  • Work with Chicago tech companies to solve current business challenges
  • Maintain your academic progress by taking a full course load alongside students from UIC and Illinois Tech

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Startup City Scholars

Launch A Student-Led Startup with Startup City Scholar

DPI is partnering with the Grainger College of Engineering and the University of Chicago Polsky Center for a semester-long study and entrepreneurship program through the prestigious College New Venture Challenge (CNVC). The CNVC is an undergraduate track to launch tomorrow’s entrepreneurs into the Chicago Tech scene.

  • Participate in the first-ever college credit-offering joint CNVC class between the University of Chicago and University of Illinois
  • Compete for a $5,000 scholarship to spend the semester in Chicago working on a student-led venture.
  • Join a team and potentially win prizes in the form of SAFE funds from a pool of up to $35,000
  • Meet Chicago’s tech leaders, accelerators, and venture capital investors shaping Chicago’s tech sector

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Immersion Programs for Undergrad and Graduate Students
Immersion Programs for Undergrad and Graduate Students

DPI Research Scholars

Dig into Wicked Problems with the DPI Research Scholars

Work on paid project opportunities with DPI’s Science Teams to help advance research on wicked challenges involving AI, Machine Learning, Robotics and more across a variety of industry sectors.

  • Work with teams of students from UIC, UIUC and IIT under the guidance of DPI staff and Science Team Advisors
  • Build solutions involving cutting edge technology
  • Earn a competitive wage while honing your applied research skills
  • Understand research career paths in academia and industry and how to commercialize research to make an impact on your city, your state, and your world

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Upcoming Scholars Programs

DPI is hard at work developing additional Tech Scholars programs to support student learning objectives across a wide spectrum of disciplines and career interests.

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Food & Ag Scholars

This Tech Scholars program offers students with an interest in the food supply chain, food sustainability issues and food sciences an opportunity to live, work and learn in Chicago while getting hands-on experience in the Food and Beverage industry.

  • Intern with a local food company in Chicago helping them solve issues related to food science, manufacturing and logistics
  • Network with and learn alongside program partner employees through workshops developed specifically for this program
  • Partner with fellow students on a capstone project to address a significant challenge related to food science

Interested Food & Ag Scholars?

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Data Science Scholars

This Tech Scholars program is focused on offering students outside computer science and computer engineering (e.g. humanities, social sciences, biological sciences, etc.) an opportunity to develop skills in data science and data analytics and apply those skills to real-world work environments with companies, non-profits and civic organizations.

  • Develop marketable skills in data science and data visualization necessary to make an impact on any organization
  • Combine liberal arts perspective with statistical and data science skills to create technical solutions, develop data visualizations and deliver business insights during semester-long internships with Chicago-based organizations
  • Network with employers and alumni while enjoying life experiences in Chicago