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For Companies: Access top tech talent with DPI’s immersion program

In the city of Chicago, there are over 4,000 food and beverage companies that employ about 57,000 workers making this a key sector in the Illinois economy. Increasingly, students that are studying curriculum in applied computing and data are becoming more and more important for driving innovation into these industries. However, classroom education does not always equate to an immediate level of productivity on-the-job.

As a result, the Discovery Partners Institute is partnering with companies like yours to create unique industry immersion experiences for Illinois undergraduates. This partnership will empower your company to have both a meaningful engagement with these students and provide direction on additional skills and experience training to strengthen your future workforce.

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What it is: Together with the University of Illinois and other industry partners, The Discovery Partners Institute will develop a semester-long immersion program.

What will students do: For-credit courses, internships, workshops, and networking events.

What will students learn: The program will emphasize understanding how applied computing and data is used in the food & ag industries.

Why this program: This program will take advantage of DPI’s unique ability to collaborate across institutions and to leverage the Chicago loop space and industry, community, and university partners.

What’s in it for your company: Your company will benefit by having early access to top talent from the University of Illinois and DPI’s partner institutions.

For Students: Get hands-on experiences in Chicago’s food and beverage industry

Are you looking for hands-on experiences to solve some of the grand challenges of sustainability in the Food & Ag sector? Join students from across UIUC’s College of ACES and other institutions at the Discovery Partners Institute to participate in an immersive academic experience and have access to all that Chicago has to offer as the capital of food and beverage industry in the country.

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What will you gain: With these experiences, you will have multiple opportunities to network with industry professionals that will help you directly link your studies to future career pathways.

Who will you meet: You will have access to innovative food companies and professional organizations in downtown Chicago and across the Chicagoland area.

What about careers? And, you will be better prepared to enter the workforce with a more concrete understanding of possible career paths for yourself upon graduation.