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Data Analytics

• Identify and classify customers to increase revenue

• Identification and classification of customers to increase revenue

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Web + App Development

• Learn to develop a company website with integration to internal data sources

• Integrate communications tools

• Embed tools to capture and curate customer behavior data through site analytics

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Software Testing Automation

• Learn to develop unit tests for a company backend or frontend application

• Develop automated tests to verify API functionality of an application built by partner company.

• Use Selenium to develop automated tests for a web application

Program details


Companies receive

• Valuable work product
• Access to potential future employees
• Professional development for an early-career tech manager

How to get started

1. Fill out an intake form
2. Discuss your ideas with a DPI team member
3. Identify a project for student engagement
4. Finalize project details – project scope, team size, start date, duration, etc.
5. Sign a contract and get to work

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Companies looking for interns

Business Colleagues Working Late At Night In Their Office.

Students receive

• Valuable, paid work experience
• Exposure to a potential future employer
• Professional development and networking

How to get started

1. Fill out an intake form to join the Road to Tech Network and engage with R2T Network programming and upskilling opportunities
2. Fill out and submit DPI Tech Intern Program Application with required documents
3. Respond to invitations to interview for project assignments
4. Interview for project assignments
5. Await placements

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