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Project Overview

Approximately 130,000 full-time teachers and administrators are employed in Illinois public schools, comprising a workforce responsible for supporting the positive, holistic development of 1.9 million youth across the state. In 2021, roughly 87% of that teacher workforce was retained. Although teacher retention has remained stable for the past 5 years, an educator shortage disproportionately exists in certain subject areas, such as special education and bilingual/English as a Second Language; educator demographics, such as race; and geographic areas, including rural and urban districts. By focusing our research on those areas where shortages are pronounced, IWERC aims to explore the factors that contribute to the development and retention of diverse, high-quality teachers. 

Project Team

Shereenbeilstein COE Pic Copy

Shereen Oca Beilstein

Senior Research Associate, IWERC

Project Lead

MBT Headshot

Mariana Barragan Torres

Postdoctoral Research Associate, IWERC