Building the Experiential Learning Infrastructure for the Food Innovation Center at the Discovery Partners Institute

Shelly Nickols-Richardson, Food Science and Human Nutrition, UIUC
Zachary Grant, Illinois Extension, UIUC

Industry Partners: In development

Community Partners: In development

By 2050, the world’s population will reach 9 billion, of which 85% will reside in urban areas. All individuals will need to eat. This project will develop the network and infrastructure to support internships, experiential learning opportunities, courses, and social and cultural activities for undergraduate students who will be scholars at the Food Innovation Center for Metropolitan Food and Environmental Systems, a unique DPI education and training facility. It will provide up to 30 internships and/or experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate students who will study issues related to food and agriculture. Moreover, two undergraduate-level courses regarding metropolitan food and environmental systems will be developed and offered at the DPI location, as well as remotely through online educational platforms across the Illinois Innovation Network sites and other relevant University of Illinois Extension locations throughout the state. An Extension Educator will be located at DPI to secure internships with food and beverage companies in Chicago, develop experiential learning opportunities with community organizations, industries, government, and non-profit organizations, create two courses, and plan social and cultural activities for undergraduate students who will study in Chicago via the DPI. An Advisory Board will be organized and activated.