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Yuenye Ma is a senior research associate at the Discovery Partners Institute, which is part of the University of Illinois System. Her research seeks to understand ethical issues related to information and data use, and explores ways to implement these understandings in specific information technology designs and applications. Her studies have appeared in such peer-reviewed publications as Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, Journal of Information, Communication & Society and Journal of Information Science. Prior to academia, Ma worked as an analyst for Forrester and Thomson Reuters.

Research Interests

Ma’s research interests lie at the intersection of information ethics, privacy and natural language processing. Her work seeks to obtain culturally contextualized understandings of information ethics concepts (such as privacy) and to find ways to implement these various understandings in information technology designs and applications. Ma uses natural language as a critical source for discovering underlying patterns for understanding information ethics concepts in various contexts and cultures.

Research Areas

  • Privacy
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Information Ethics
  • Data Science for Social Good


  • Ph.D. in information science, University of  North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2022
  • Master’s degree in information science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2013
  • Bachelor’s degree in library science, Suzhou University, China, 2011


Recent Publications

  • Ma, Y. (2023) Relatedness and compatibility: semantic dimensions of the concept of privacy in Mandarin Chinese and American English corpora.  Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology.
  • Tripodi, F., & Ma, Y. (2022). You’ve got mail: How the Trump administration used legislative communication to frame his last year in office. Information, Communication & Society, 0(0), 1–21.
  • Ma, Y. (2021) Understanding information: Adding a non-individualistic lens. Journalof the Association for Information Science and Technology, 72(10), 1295–1305.
  • Ma, Y., Flaherty, M. G. (2021) A health informatics analysis of clinical notes of Alpha-gal meat allergy. Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 58(1), 273–281.
  • Jarrahi, M., Ma, Y., Goray, C. An integrative framework of information as both objective and subjective. Journal of Information Science.


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