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This website will host content for teachers who are looking for instructional tools and materials to support the teaching and learning of CS curriculum and CS topics (e.g., Exploring Computer Science, AP CS Principles, cybersecurity, Java programming, etc.).

This site will offer resources on effective pedagogical models (e.g., classroom management, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Universal Design for Learning, etc.) to support the implementation of evidence-based best practices in the K-12 CS classroom.

As an additional benefit, CS teachers throughout the State of Illinois, and beyond, will find a space to collaborate, engage with, and support each other.

Targeted Users:

  • New-to-CS teachers in need of expanding their content-based skills and pedagogical knowledge as they enter their own CS classrooms.
  • Career and Technical Educators who are new to the teaching profession and could use a toolkit of pedagogical strategies to accompany existing CS curriculum.
  • Veteran CS teachers who are looking for new ways to engage with CS content.
  • CS teachers who feel isolated (geographically and/or socially) and would benefit from being a part of an online community of practice.
  • Paraprofessionals who assist and support students with special needs and learning disabilities in the CS classroom.
  • Esports coaches, out-of-school time providers, and others who want to reflect upon their CS teaching practices and build stronger relationships with their students, or may be interested in becoming a CS teacher.

Join our Toolkit Planning Committee

DPI is looking to partner with a cohort of ten (10) K-12 CS educators to inform and guide the design and development processes of the Illinois CS Teacher Toolkit.


  • Our teacher-partners should be representative of the diversity of demographics (BIPOC, elementary/high school, ELL, DL), experiences (PEL/CTE, primary content area, twice-new, thrice-new), geographies (urban/suburban/rural), and environmental structures (private/public/charter) of K-12 educators throughout the State of Illinois.
  • Curate and share original and secondary resources (including lesson/ unit plans, videos, student work samples (with parental consent), and other instructional materials) to support teaching and learning in K-12 CS classrooms.
  • Provide feedback pertaining to the quality, utility, accessibility, and relevance of various CS resources.


  • In exchange for their input and guidance, each participating teacher will receive up to a one-time stipend of $1,000 upon delivery and launch of a minimum viable product for the CS Teacher Toolkit.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Licensed K-12 teacher (PEL or CTE) in the State of Illinois
  • Has 3+ years of teaching experience in K-12 CS education

Selection Criteria:

  • Can share original and curated resources to support other K-12 educators and students.
  • Has clear and thoughtful ideas for how to improve equitable access or achievement in K-12 computer science for students in Illinois.
  • Recognizes the presence of inequities in K-12 computer science impacting one or more marginalized groups including: female and non-binary students; Black, Latinx, and Native students; English language learners; and students with disabilities.

For full consideration, interested candidates must apply by September 16th, 2023.