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University of Illinois at Chicago

BIO 106: Environmental Biology

BIO 371: Principles of Ecology

BIO 405: Modeling of Biological Systems

BIO 444: Aquatic Ecology

BIO 445: Biology of Water Pollution

BIO 446: Restoration Ecology

BIO 447: Global Change Ecology

BIO 462: Conservation Biology

CHE 361: Global Greening for a Sustainable Future

CHE 363: Energy and the Environment

CHE 431: Environmental Chemistry

CHE 465: Environmental Toxicology

ENS 251: Introduction to Environmental Sciences

ENS 271: Introduction to Sustainability

ENS 301: Environmental Justice in America

ENS 381: Foundations of Environmental Policy

ENS 411: Introduction to Environmental Education

ENS 412: World Environmental Thought

ENS 418: American Environmental History

ENS 419: Environmental Law

ENS 420: Key Concepts and Cases in Environmental Law

ENS 421: Environmental Economics

ENS 422: Environmental Sociology

ENS 425: Ecological Issues

ENS 440: Topics in Environmental Studies

ENS 448: Sustainable Food Systems

ENS 455: Introduction to Environmental Consulting

ENS 463: Our Changing Climate

ENS 465: Water Resources and Society

ENS 468: Environmental Geology

ENS 471: Culture and Conservation

ENS 472: Urban Environments

ENS 476: Environmental Ethics

ENS 479: Writing and the Environment

ENS 481: Forest Policy & Management

ENS 483: Environmental Policies: National Environmental Policy Act 

ENS 485: Environmental Policies: Water Quality

ENS 501: Land Use & Environmental Planning

ENS 542: Ecosystem Management

ENS 546: Concepts of Ecology

ENS 551: Environmental Natural Sciences

ENS 552: Environmental Social Sciences and Humanities

ENS 553: Research Methods in Environmental Science

ENS 556: Environmental Issues & the Media

ENS 571: Sustainable Development

SOA 422: Environmental Sociology

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