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University of Illinois Chicago

CHE 450: Air Pollution Engineering

CHEM 305: Environmental Chemistry

CME 311: Water Resources Engineering

CME 322: Environmental Engineering

CME 411: Chemistry for Environmental Professionals

CME 422: Wastewater Treatment

CME 425: Environmental Remediation Engineering

CME 507: Sustainable Transportation

CME 516: Landfills and Impoundment

CME 518: Pollution Prevention

CME 523: Environmental Organic Chemistry

CME 524: Water Chemistry

CME 525: Environmental Biotechnology

COMM 309: Environmental Communication

EAES 101: Global Environmental Change

EAES 111: Earth, Energy, Environment

EAES 116: Energy for Decision-Makers

EAES 180: Honors Earth and Environmental Science

EAES 285: Earth Systems

EAES 290: Current Topics in EAES

ECON 332: Urban Economics

ECON 370: Environmental Economics

ENER 450: Air Pollution Engineering

ENER 494: Special Topics in Energy Engineering

ENER 552: Design of Efficient Buildings

ENER 553: Sustainable Energy

EOHS 400: Environmental Health Sciences

EOHS 411: Water Quality Management

EOHS 432: Air Quality Assessment and Management

EOHS 440: Chemistry for Environmental Professionals

EOHS 455: Environmental and Occupational Toxicology

EOHS 480: Environmental and Occupational Health Policy

EOHS 536: Environmental Epidemiology Methods

EOHS 543: Environmental Organic Chemistry

EOHS 572: Environmental Risk Assessment and Management

LAS 493: Sustainability and Energy

ME 427: Solar Engineering

ME 450: Air Pollution Engineering

MGMT 480: Transportation Systems Management

NATS 105: Physical Systems of Earth and Space Sciences

PUBH 390: Sustainability Internship

UPP 403: Intro to Urban Planning

UPP 501: Urban Space, Place, and Institution

UPP 570: Environmental Planning and Policy

US 230: Practices Sustainable Cities

US 308: Globalization in Urban Studies

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