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As more high school students than ever participate in dual enrollment, there is an increasing focus on what we do and don’t know about which policies and practices maximize student access and success, and how. The Dual Enrollment Research Fund will support six projects over two years that aim to study just that. IWERC (the Illinois Workforce and Education Research Collaborative) at University of Illinois is proud to lead one of those projects, and excited to contribute to the body of knowledge about how dual enrollment practice and policy can best support students.

The work of the Dual Enrollment Research Fund grows from the publication in 2022 of Research Priorities to Advance Equitable Dual Enrollment Policy and Practice, which summarizes the existing dual enrollment research and provides 150 new research questions—the grantees announced today are focused on the six most pressing of those questions. IWERC’s project will examine student participation and success in dual enrollment in Illinois to identify school districts that offer high-quality dual enrollment experiences, the characteristics of those school districts to inform policy and practice, and the impact of Illinois’s new automatic acceleration policy for dual enrollment. Learn more at