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virtual Seminar/Symposium

The world is rapidly urbanizing, and it is projected that more than two-thirds of the world’s population will live in urban environments by 2050. Discussions around urbanization are shaping the development of complex interdependent urban systems. Smart energy infrastructures, a modernizing electric grid, smarter mobility solutions, responsive buildings, and the ability to design resilient communities offer an opportunity to build a sustainable future under the changing impacts of severe weather and climate. Real-time data from location-enabled sensors are playing a key role in modulating and shifting our interactions with these systems.

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This talk discusses the experiences and partnerships in the development of a mobility-focused Digital Twin for the city of Chattanooga, TN. The system has brought in 500+ real-time data feeds from 7 systems across 3 institutions, plus 40 other secondary data layers. This has created an unprecedented opportunity to observe, anticipate, and orchestrate cyber-physical control towards a 20% energy savings objective for the region. The talk also touches upon the complex interdependencies between urban systems such as transportation, buildings, and the electric grid, their scientific and technical drivers, and how characterizing these interactions offers an opportunity to gain unprecedented insights in building towards resilient and sustainable communities.

Biography: Jibonananda (Jibo) Sanyal serves as the Group Leader for Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Computational Urban Sciences research group. His work falls at the intersection of HPC, extreme scale data and analytics, modeling and simulation, AI, visualization, and sensors and controls. He has extensive experience applying these techniques towards developing insights and solutions for smart city applications, urban mobility, energy applications, situational awareness tools, as well as emergency response and resiliency across local, regional, and national scales. He is an IEEE Senior Member, an ACM Distinguished Speaker, and a 2017 Knoxville’s 40 under 40 honoree.