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DPI celebrates Black History Month

For Black History Month, we are delighted to honor the remarkable contributions of Black innovators in the world of technology. These visionaries have broken barriers, transformed industries, and left an indelible mark on our digital landscape. They inspire us to greatness.

Below are just some of the influential Black innovators who deserve recognition. We worked with illustrious illustrator Sean “Smack” Mack to capture these faces for a gallery of diverse tech innovators outside our classrooms at Discovery Partners Institute. (You can follow @silentsmack on Instagram.)

At DPI, we want to help you make your mark

These visionaries have left an indelible mark on technology and continue to inspire generations. Special shout out to the Learning Academy for these short bios. If you’re looking to break into a new career in tech, we hope you’ll check out our programs. We may just feature you in a future post.

In our classrooms and in our Pritzker Tech Talent Labs programs last year, we reached 750 students and 200 teachers at 133 schools. We also trained 58 future apprentices in software development that, on average, doubled their salaries in new career roles with these new skills. At DPI we are intentional about reaching out to people of color and women for these programs. It’s the fastest way to expand the tech talent pool, diversify the tech industry, and unlock business potential. Because it is our aim is to be an engine of equitable economic development—at scale.


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