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IWERC Socio-Demographic Equity Dashboard

The Illinois Socio-Demographic Equity Dashboard

What are the characteristics of Illinois neighborhoods?

By Stephanie M Werner, Ph.D., John Francis, & Judith Kom Nguiffo

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Project Overview

Where one lives matters. While Chicago has been repeatedly studied and used as a case study for neighborhood typology, Illinois has not. IWERC is proposing a series of studies that will (1) build a general map of Illinois that is characterized by several demographic variables collected from Census tract data and (2) build several specialty maps that highlight areas in Illinois that need support in improving equitable access to essential programs that better the lives of Illinois residents and advance the state’s social services and technology, education, and workforce initiatives.

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Project Team

StephWerner 500x500

Stephanie Werner

Research Specialist, IWERC

Project Lead

Sarah Cashdollar

Sarah Cashdollar

Research Specialist, IWERC


Judith Kom Nguiffo

Graduate Research Assistant, IWERC