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Project Overview

IWERC is analyzing data from the Illinois Educator Preparation Profiles (IEPP) system housed at ISBE. The IEPP reports scores for specific teacher preparation programs (e.g., elementary ed, math ed) at higher education institutions across the state. Analyzing IEPP data will shed light on how teacher preparation programs shape teachers’ career trajectories. As such, this work aligns with IWERC’s core project on maintaining a diverse, high-quality early childhood and K-12 workforce.

IWERC’s Analysis of IEPP

IEPP: 2020 Cohort Analysis

This report examines the first release of data from the IEPP (Illinois Educator Preparation Profiles), the system the state of Illinois uses to provide public information about and accountability for teacher preparation programs. This study explores how programs are performing overall, factors that relate to performance, and the technical quality of the IEPP indicators. This study contributes to improving the IEPP, to supporting Illinois teacher preparation programs, and to a broader conversation about how to consider and measure the role of teacher preparation in teacher and student success.

IEPP Quick Guide

IEPP Full Report

Project Team

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Mariana Barragan Torres

Postdoctoral Research Associate, IWERC


Meg Bates

Director, IWERC

Project Lead

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Shereen Beilstein

Researcher, IWERC