Job Opportunities

Workforce Education Director

In close collaboration with the DPI Talent Director, the Workforce Education Director is responsible for directing and overseeing program creation and management of the diverse portfolio of workforce education programs that will grow to educate approximately 5,000 learners per year. There will be a focus on the digital tech economy and its need for employee training, reskilling, ongoing learning and development in the rapidly changing economic environment. DPI's workforce education programs will offer university courses, short-form credential programs and accelerated programs in high-demand fields to a variety of learners.


Director Tech Talent Labs

The Discovery Partners Institute (DPI) invites nominations and applications for the position of Director of Tech Talent Labs, the Institute's chief education officer. This position offers an extraordinary opportunity to a bold and visionary leader with intellectual breadth, strong interpersonal skills, demonstrated expertise in undergraduate and graduate programs, and workforce education and training programs. The Director will be responsible for designing, implementing, and accelerating programs as part of an integrated approach to tech talent development. They will lead the development of new markets and create new options for education that prepare thousands of students and workers to step into high-demand tech jobs. The Director will leverage the strengths of the academic programs and faculty from the University of Illinois campuses and DPI partner institutions to form and enhance educational collaborations across those institutions. By 2029, DPI will be training 7,000 students per year for tech jobs, 3,000 of whom will be from under-represented groups and will have upskilled 5,000 mid-career workers for jobs in data science, digital skills, business skills, entrepreneurship, and other types of skills including managing and analyzing data, software development, digital product/product management, and business building.