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Todd plays a critical role in implementing the teacher training programs of DPI’s Community Education Unit of the Pritzker Tech Talent Labs, focusing on building teacher capacity in computer science and data science/analytics at the high school and community college levels. This includes building a community of practice and supporting collaboration among the teacher-learners in UIUC’s CS Teaching Endorsement (CSTed) pathway, as well as coordinating and facilitating teacher-focused professional learning opportunities at DPI.

Prior to joining DPI in December 2021, Todd was a social studies-turned-computer science teacher at Steinmetz College Prep High School on Chicago’s northwest side. He taught an International Baccalaureate course (IB-ITGS) on the study and evaluation of the local and global impacts of information technology on individuals and society, as well as the Exploring Computer Science curriculum, an introductory computer science course with a specific focus on access for historically minoritized students.

Todd is also one of the founders of the Illinois High School Esports Association (IHSEA), a nonprofit dedicated to supporting students, educators, and coaches who learn and teach through gaming and esports. The IHSEA endeavors to create and foster competitive esports programs in all Illinois high schools, recognize and cultivate hidden gaming talents, and provide a pathways to college and careers in a variety of fields such as TV/video production, announcing/shoutcasting, graphic design, statistics, and streaming. Interested in gaming since childhood, Todd finds the competitive nature of esports useful for unlocking student potential and helping to usher in a new wave of athletes who can be successful in esports as well as in life.

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