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The fifth step in the CURES CPL Community Engagement Process is to conduct a multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder “Community Project Lab” (CPL) to help connect communities to resources and projects that support their sustainability needs. At the CPL, communities can discuss their needs, learn about what other communities are doing to address their community’s sustainability needs, and meet with project leads (agencies/researchers/etc.).

For 2021, the inaugural year, the CPL is a one-day event being held at the University of Illinois Springfield, conveniently located in central Illinois. Over 20 water and energy related projects are being offered. A major goal of the CPL process is to support a network of communities and resources for communities around sustainability initiatives. The 2021 CPL is a pilot test for future events. The organizers are welcoming feedback on the effectiveness of the event, and how to increase the CPL Community Outreach Process’ value to the communities it is designed to serve.

Interested in more information on the CURES CPL, attending the CPL, becoming a sponsor, or submitting a project proposal? Please let us know at:

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