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Based on the results of the community needs assessment, and the identification of top and overlapping community priorities, the CURES CPL organizing team seeks out projects expected to help communities address their stated needs.

For the inaugural 2021 CURES CPL, the organizing team reached out to several agencies and university centers to identify Policy, Education, Research, and Turnkey (PERT) projects that might address stated needs. A “Turnkey” project is one that is already an established program that is “ready to be implemented” in communities. Over 20 projects around water (stormwater management, water quality, and wastewater treatment) and energy (energy efficiency and renewables transition) were identified to address the needs identified through the 2021 CURES CPL outreach effort. A few additional projects were also identified.

The CURES CPL organizers welcome applications for PERT project offerings for the 2021 (and following year) CPL initiatives. We are particularly interested in project offerings that provide no cost, full cost recovery (or net positive), or cost-only based solutions for small communities.

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