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Advisory Board Subcommittee Representative:

Rebecca Vonderlack-Navarro (Latino Policy Forum)

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State Agency Members (8)

  • Illinois State Board of Education (Brenda Dixon)
  • Illinois Board of Higher Education (Eric Lichtenberger)
  • Illinois Community College Board (Nathan Wilson)
  • Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (Jason Horwitz)
  • Illinois Department of Employment Security (George Putnam)
  • Illinois Department of Human Services (Bethany Patten)
  • Illinois Student Assistance Commission (Shana Rogers)
  • Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development (Jamilah Jor’dan)
Multiethnic Startup Business Team In Night Office

State Network Members (10)

  • Illinois Association of School Boards (Thomas Bertrand)
  • Illinois Association of School Business Officials (Michael Jacoby)
  • Illinois Association of Regional School Superintendents (Mark Jontry)
  • Illinois Principals Association (Alison Maley)
  • Illinois Federation of Teachers (Monique Redeaux-Smith, Tonia Havard-Dew)
  • Illinois Education Association (Diana Zaleski)
  • Large Unit District Association (John Burkey)
  • Association of Illinois Rural and Small Schools (David Ardrey)
  • Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities (David Tretter)

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Individual Members (14)

  • Benjamin Boer (Illinois Longitudinal Data System)
  • Matt Bruce (Chicago Workforce Funders Alliance)
  • Fanny Diego Alvarez (Grand Victoria Foundation)
  • Karen Garibay-Mulattieri (Latino Policy Forum)
  • Juan Jose Gonzalez (EdSystems)
  • Erika Hunt (CSEP & P-20)
  • Debbie Leslie (UChicago STEM Ed)
  • Edith Njuguna (EdSystems)
  • Elliot Regenstein (Illinois Early Learning Council)
  • Emily Rusca (EdSystems)
  • Liliana Velázquez Liu (Irving Harris)
  • Kyle Westbrook (Partnership for College Completion)
  • Ann Whalen (Advance Illinois)
  • Candace Williams (Early Childhood Systems Consultant)