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Advisory Board Subcommittee Representative:

Jo Anderson (Consortium for Educational Change)

PD for CS Teachers

Teachers Union Leaders

  • Illinois Federation of Teachers (Monique Redeaux-Smith, Tonia Havard-Dew)
  • Illinois Education Association (Diana Zaleski)
Pexels Katerina Holmes 5905713

Early Childhood and K-12 (11)

  • Renee Andrews (Peoria Public Schools)
  • Akilah Bronaugh (UChicago Charter Schools)
  • Eric Brown (Evanston Township High School)
  • Amanda Dykstra (Valley View CUSD)
  • Krissi Griffin (Elk Grove Village)
  • Evan Krauss (East Side Aligned)
  • Melanie Martin-Ware (Chicago Public Schools)
  • Richard Morgan (Matteson School District)
  • Laura O’Donnell (Olympia School District)
  • Paul Ritter (Pontiac Township High School)
  • Bethanie Smith (Chicago Public Schools)
Pexels Vanessa Garcia 6325954

Postsecondary and Workforce (10)

  • Omowale Casselle (Discovery Partners Institute)
  • Ruben Howard (Oakton Community College)
  • Norma López (NIU)
  • Kenneth Oliver (Quincy University)
  • Lee Reese (St. Clair County)
  • Brian Reid (EIU)
  • Manny Rodriguez (Revolution Workshop)
  • Linda Sims (UIUC)
  • Paul Thompson III (City Colleges of Chicago)
  • Paul Zavitkovsky (UIC)