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AI-Aided Music Co-Creation Platform Goals

The ultimate goal is build an AI-aided platform that facilitates musical co-creation. Creating music together fosters deeper social bonds in communities. Our key activities include the following:

  • Build on existing theory on human and AI interaction
  • Design and build practical, user-centered and culturally-authentic interfaces to support deep human-AI creative interaction for music composition
  • Work with Black communities to inform tech features and human-AI interaction and to support creative musical collaborations

AI-Aided Music Co-Creation Platform Team

Lav Varshney

Lav R. Varshney

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

James Evans

James A. Evans

University of Chicago: Professor, Sociology

William Patterson

William M. Patterson

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Clinical Associate Professor, Music

Haizi Yu

Haizi Yu

Kocree, Inc.: Founder

AI-Generated Music

At the World Science Festival, PI Lav Varshney is a panelist discussing “AI and the Art of Ingenuity: Computational Creativity.” In this compelling program, artists, musicians, neuroscientists, and computer scientists explore the future of artistry and imagination in the age of artificial intelligence.

Today, there are robots that make art, move like dancers, tell stories, and even help human chefs devise unique recipes. But is there ingenuity in silico? Can computers be creative? A rare treat for the senses, this thought-provoking event brings together artists and computer scientists who are creating original works with the help of artificially intelligent machines. Joined by leading experts in psychology and neuroscience, they’ll explore the roots of creativity in humans and computers, what artificial creativity reveals about human imagination, and the future of hybrid systems that build on the capabilities of both.

AI-Aided Music Co-Creation Platform in the News

Professors to use bus to connect kids with hip-hop


Professors at the U of I are using a bus to connect kids with hip-hop culture.

It is called the Double Dutch Boom Bus. It will soon be taking to the roads to teach kids in Champaign-Urbana about music.

“How can we use hip-hop to engage young people today,” said William Patterson, UI Associate Professor of Fine & Applied Arts and Engineering. That is a question Patterson has been working on answering for 10 years and he may finally have the answer…

Lovin’ U campaign tour heads to Downtown Champaign


The “Lovin’ U” Campaign Tour will make a stop in Downtown Champaign on Thursday night.

The tour features the Hip-Hop Express Double Dutch Boom Bus. Dr. William Patterson, founder, said the bus is an innovation lab and rolling data center.

Dr. Patterson told WAND News, the Double Dutch Boom Bus was built to explore the legacy of African-American cultural wealth. The mission is to get young people in urban communities to think about technology, STEAM and STEM…

AI-Aided Music Co-Creation Platform Community Partners

Musical Arts Institute

The Musical Arts Institute was founded in 2010 by Michael Manson, a bassist and music educator. The institute has organized a stellar team of professional musicians and educators to provide outstanding music instruction in Chicago’s underserved areas.

House of Miles

The mission of House of Miles in East St. Louis (HOME) is to nurture, empower, and embrace the talents of upcoming generations by reclaiming, restoring, and revitalizing values, identity, and Cool. HOME is childhood home of Miles Davis, dedicated to cultivate, connect, and celebrate the community through music, heritage, and art.

Hip Hop Xpress

Launched in 2010, Hip Hop Xpress is a mobile classroom and sound studio, a means to collect oral histories, a cross-generational catalyst for music sharing and production, and a method to link
communities across the state through music, dance, visual arts, and history.