Activating the Center for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability (CURES)

Don Wuebbles, Atmospheric Sciences, UIUC
Amy Ando, Agricultural & Consumer Economics, UIUC
Anne-Marie Hanson, Environmental Studies, UIS
Elizabeth Kocs, Energy Initiative, UIC
Timothy Lindsey, Smart Energy Design Assistance Center, UIUC
Tom Theis, Institute for Environmental Science and Policy, UIC

2019 CURES Connections Workshop 

Industry Partners: Greenleaf Advisors and Greenleaf Communities, Green Diamond Solutions

Community Partners: The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus (MMC), Illinois Extension, Prairie Research Institute, Siebel Center for Design, Argonne National Lab, plus other universities (e.g., Northwestern, Univ. Chicago)

Urban areas face unprecedented challenges in the 21st century from phenomena such as climate change, human migration and population growth, disruptive technological change, and increased social inequality and conflict. CURES will activate the UI system with its partners to tackle those challenges. This Center focus on cities of multiple sizes in Illinois; the technologies, innovations, and practices developed by CURES will also have broad application to cities in diverse locations. This project will provide a launch pad for external fundraising efforts. The CURES team will carry out four tasks. (1) Finalize initial core operating infrastructure. (2) Curate analytical capacity that can be used by CURES researchers in their work, both hosting datasets and tools that already exist in the CURES community of researchers and working to develop tools with U.S. EPA’s Climate Change Adaptation Resource Center. (3) Carry out a pilot research project on urban sustainability with the MMC. (4) Host meetings with partners, stakeholders, and potential donors to cultivate base funding for CURES in future years.