The 2019 Illinois Quantum Computing Summer School

Eric Chitambar, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UIUC
Paul Kwiat, Physics, UIUC 

Industry Partners: Xanadu, IBM

Quantum computing describes a new computational paradigm based on the fundamental properties of quantum mechanics that has the potential to revolutionize certain computing technologies. Last year the “National Quantum Initiative Act” was signed, which plans to provide $1.275 billion in federal funding to quantum computing research. This is in conjunction with the proliferation of corporate investment by companies interested in quantum computing such as IBM, Google, and Microsoft. This increased demand for quantum computing at the federal and industry levels now needs to be matched by a supply of researchers and students capable of driving the quantum revolution. It is in the best educational and entrepreneurial interests of Illinois to be at the forefront of this revolution. To help Illinois achieve this goal, DPI will hold a summer school in quantum computing targeted for students and researchers with a background in classical computing.

The 2019 Illinois Quantum Computing Summer School will be a weeklong program providing basic training for students and faculty interested in pursuing research and entrepreneurship in quantum computing. The school will offer an accelerated introduction to quantum computing for computer scientists who may lack a technical familiarity with quantum mechanics. Topics covered include quantum algorithms, quantum error correction, and quantum simulations.  External experts in the field will be enlisted to teach multiple sessions and tutorials. In addition, representatives from Xanadu and IBM will hold sessions to describe current industrial quantum computing efforts and future challenges.