DPI Research Projects

Discovery Partners Institute awarded seed grants to nine research projects led by principal investigators from one of the University of Illinois System universities in early 2019. Summaries of these projects are below:

DPI Seed Funding Round 1

Benefits of Social Engagement using Video Technology for Economically Disadvantaged Older Adults

Raksha A. Mudar, Speech and Hearing Science, UIUC
Wendy A. Rogers, Kinesiology and Community Health, UIUC

Industry Partners: Potluck LLC

Community Partners: CJE Senior Life 


Activating the Center for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability (CURES)

Don Wuebbles, Atmospheric Sciences, UIUC
Amy Ando, Agricultural & Consumer Economics, UIUC
Anne-Marie Hanson, Environmental Studies, UIS
Elizabeth Kocs, Energy Initiative, UIC
Timothy Lindsey, Smart Energy Design Assistance Center, UIUC
Tom Theis, Institute for Environmental Science and Policy, UIC

Industry Partners: Greenleaf Advisors and Greenleaf Communities, Green Diamond Solutions

Community Partners: The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus (MMC), Illinois Extension, Prairie Research Institute, Siebel Center for Design, Argonne National Lab, plus other universities (e.g., Northwestern, Univ. Chicago)


Pathways for K-12 Computer Science Education in Illinois (CSEd Pathways)

Luc Paquette, Curriculum & Instruction, UIUC
Craig Zilles, Computer Science, UIUC
Raya Hegeman-Davis, Bureau of Educational Research, UIUC

Industry Partners: Computer Science Teachers Association, Google, Chicago Public Schools, Learning Technology Center of Illinois, CS4IL


The 2019 Illinois Quantum Computing Summer School

Eric Chitambar, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UIUC
Paul Kwiat, Physics, UIUC 

Industry Partners: Xanadu, IBM


Building the Experiential Learning Infrastructure for the Food Innovation Center at the Discovery Partners Institute

Shelly Nickols-Richardson, Food Science and Human Nutrition, UIUC
Zachary Grant, Illinois Extension, UIUC

Industry Partners: In development

Community Partners: In development 


Developing “Scholarly Gaming Environments” via Digital Conservation of African Cultural Heritage

Teresa Barnes, Center for African Studies, UIUC
Mauro Nobili, History, UIUC
Laila Hussein Mustafa, Middle East and North African Studies Librarian, UIUC

Industry Partners: In development

Community Partners: In development  


AI and Environment 

Tanya Berger-Wolf, Computer Science, UIC
Thomas Theis, Institute for Environmental Science and Policy, UIC
Jeffrey Brauwn, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, UIUC
Eric Schauber, Illinois Natural History Survey, UIUC

Industry Partners: Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology, Microsoft, Wild Me

Community Partners: In development


Air Quality in the Home:  From Smart Sensing to Action

Richard Sowers, Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering, UIUC
Paul Francisco, Applied Research Institute, UIUC
Charles Catlett, Argonne National Laboratory 

Industry Partners: In development

Community Partners: In development

The Autism and Innovation Initiative

Maureen Dunne, Disability and Human Development, UIC
Tamar Heller, Disability and Human Development, UIC
Daria Tsoupikova, New Media Design; Electronic Visualization Laboratory, UIC

Industry Partners:  Microsoft Technology and Civic Engagement Group, Yolobe.com, Chamber 630, Code DuPage, Venture 1818 Partners, Autism 911, LearnStep, Inklusion Works, Inklusion Capital, Social Skills Hero, TMT Partners

Community Partners: Autism Community Ventures, Autism Society of Southern Illinois, Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago, The Transiiton2Success Project, MakerSpace Lab, Community High School District 99, University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (University Partner), Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (University Partner), Grupo Salto, The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP)


UIC DPI Cycle 1 Seed Funding Program Awards

Biologic Inhibitors of Immune Checkpoint Proteins

Brian K. Kay, Biological Sciences, UIC

Cell Targeted Nanoparticle-Mediated Delivery of Novel Compounds Identified via High Throughput Screening: Treating Heart Failure and Tissue Remodeling

Asrar B. Malik, Pharmacology, UIC
Kurt Bachmaier, Pharmacology, UIC

A Contextualized Dialogue Agent to Address Health Disparities among Urban African Americans and Latinos with Heart Failure

Andrew D. Boyd, Biomedical and Health Information Sciences, UIC
Paula Allen-Meares, Medicine, UIC
Barbara Di Eugenio, Computer Science, UIC
Carolyn Dickens, Medicine, UIC
Olga Garcia-Bedoya, Medicine, UIC

Control of High-Speed Autonomous Vehicles in Complex Environments Using Onboard Computing

Shuo Han, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UIC
Milos ┼Żefran, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UIC

Evaluation and Optimization of the Toxicity and Metabolism of NAMPT Inhibitors to Identify a Novel Therapeutic for the Treatment of Proliferative Diseases

Tom G. Driver, Chemistry, UIC
Jason Hickok, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, UIC

Molecular Design of Electroactive Liquids for Batteries

Neal P. Mankad, Chemistry, UIC

MY-AIR: Monitoring Your Air-pollution Risk A Mobile App

Jane Lin, Civil and Materials Engineering, UIC
Ouri Wolfson, Computer Science, UIC
Robert Molokie, Hematology and Oncology, UIC

A Novel Biomarker for TTC352 Cancer Therapy Development

Stephen G. DiMagno, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy & Chemistry, UIC
Debra A. Tonetti, Biopharmaceutical Sciences, UIC

Novel Injectable Nanocrystal Drug to Treat Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)

Yulia Komarova, Pharmacology, UIC
Richard Gemeinhart, Biopharmaceutical Sciences, UIC

Ubiquitous Radar Systems for Autonomous Vehicles and Advanced Safety in Urban Environments

Mojtaba Soltanalian, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UIC
Amit Ranjan Trivedi, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UIC

UIC DPI Cycle 2 Seed Funding Program Awards

Computationally Efficient Vehicle Control via Machine Learning

Erdem Koyuncu, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UIC
Hulya Seferoglu, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UIC
A. Enis Cetin, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UIC

Deep Learning for Keyphrase Extraction: Models and Corpora

Cornelia Caragea, Computer Science, UIC

Development of Novel Biased Antagonists of GPCRs to Address Unmet Needs and Health Disparities in Illinois

Steven Ackerman, Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, and Medicine, UIC
Vadim Gaponenko, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, UIC
Sojin Shikano, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, UIC

Expanding Diagnosis for Oral/Oropharyngeal Cancers Using Exosomes

Lyndon Cooper, Oral Biology, UIC
Robert Winn, Medicine, UIC

Inhaled Colony Stimulating Factor 1 Receptor (CSF1R) Inhibitor for Asthma Therapy

Gye Young Park, Medicine, UIC
Michael Johnson, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, UIC

Oligomeric Aβ as a Novel Mechanistic Biomarker for Alzheimer's Disease Measured in Human Plasma

Mary Jo LaDu, Anatomy and Cell Biology, UIC

Smart Contact Lens for Wireless Detection of Infectious Eye Diseases

Danilo Erricolo, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UIC
Mark I. Rosenblatt, Ophthalmology and Visual Science, UIC
Pai-Yen Chen, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UIC
Victor H. Guaiquil, Ophthalmology and Visual Science, UIC
Deepak Shukla, Ophthalmology and Visual Science, UIC