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Advance your own academic research with end-to-end support.

DPI offers researchers and scientists a suite of resources—from strategic planning and proposal development, to digital tools and industry integrations—to grow your program and expand your impact.

Leverage premium R&D services

DPI’s “Helping Explore Research Opportunities” (HERO) services are designed to accelerate a variety of research projects. As a scientist, you get access to:

  • Strategic planning resources
  • Research proposal and grant development assistance
  • Research administration

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Develop digital tools and solutions

Ensure the digital assets you develop during the research process can scale over time. With DPI’s digital solutions team, you can:

  • Create new digital resources or leverage  University of Illinois System resources
  • Develop more robust software during the research process that can better support future work

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Engage with the corporate community

Collaborate with organizations to transform your breakthrough research into practical, real-life solutions. DPI’s corporate engagement team can connect you to industry professionals across key categories, including:

  • For-profit companies
  • Government entities
  • Innovation hubs

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Accelerate, de-risk, and diversify your organization’s research and innovation efforts.

DPI helps manage the interface between academia and industry, enabling organizations to solve real problems and create new opportunities through research and development projects. Whether you’re a for-profit corporation, government entity, or innovation hub, we’ll work with you to build lasting relationships across multiple parties to address your research initiatives around topics like climate resiliency, food security, artificial intelligence, and data privacy.

Access an established R&D network

DPI provides a suite of applied R&D resources for corporations, including:

  • Scientists and research faculty that are leaders in their fields.
  • The latest R&D thought leadership in areas of climate, food, AI/ML, and fintech.
  • Premium facilities, events, forums, and challenges.
  • Cutting-edge digital tools and solutions.

Unlock vast academic research and expertise

Connect your organization to research expertise across 18 leading universities and federal labs. Using DPI’s R&D network, we’ll help you meet your objectives through: 

  • Pioneering research
  • Rapid prototyping and innovation
  • Creating an R&D extension for your industry
  • De-risking your research and investments

Pursue funding opportunities

DPI’s corporate engagement team offers services that can help your organization further diversify its R&D portfolio, including:

  • Research proposal and grant engagement opportunities
  • Running the RFP process from development through review and recommendations

Dive into our latest applied R&D initiatives.

DPI collaborates on a wide variety of research and development initiatives with public and private stakeholders to advance the planet and society. Take a closer look below at some of our key applied R&D efforts.

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Leverage research into Illinois education, workforce development, and training for tech.

The Illinois Workforce and Education Research Collaborative (IWERC) provides data-based analysis to our state’s policy and education leaders’ questions. IWERC complements DPI’s ambitions to improve education and training for in-demand tech jobs as well as conduct applied research.

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Bring climate science down to earth.

DPI’s climate team works with federal agencies, industry, and academic partners to build a climate intelligence ecosystem that translates state-of-the-art climate science into focused solutions, services, and climate policy guidance.

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Access international research teams decarbonizing road transportation.

The Clean Energy and Equitable Transportation Solutions (CLEETS) NSF-UKRI Global Center brings together eminent climate, energy, data science, and transportation experts in two regions to advance interdisciplinary research and community engagement. CLEETS identifies solutions that accelerate equitable, use-inspired decarbonized road transportation.

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Find interdisciplinary cannabis researchers and resources.

The Cannabis Research Institute performs research from seeds to social outcomes under one roof, delivering information tailored to stakeholders including the general public, legislators, and policy makers.

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Improve public health outcomes by monitoring wastewater.

Wastewater-Based Epidemiology monitors a variety of pathogens in wastewater around the state of Illinois to provide rapid assessment of public health crises. The structures being set up enable rapid response to future pandemics.

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Bring responsible and safe AI to organizations.

The AI Consulting Practice develops frameworks and tools for organizations to adopt responsible and safe deployment of artificial intelligence.

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