Two of the Discovery Partners Institute's goals are to create innovative solutions to grand challenge problems through interdisciplinary teams of faculty and students, and to educate the next-generation workforce. To achieve those goals, we have begun developing DPI courses while also utilizing our facility to build relationships with faculty and their courses across the University of Illinois System.

A DPI-affiliated course is one that:

  • Adheres to those principles
  • Is located at the DPI or another hub of the Illinois Innovation Network
  • Has a collaboration with an industry partner, governmental agency and/or non-governmental agency
  • Provides opportunities for students from universities outside the one that originates the course

In Fall 2018, the educational initiatives connected to DPI are three DPI-affiliated courses, nine courses being held at DPI and Engineering City Scholars through the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's College of Engineering.

Fall 2018 DPI-Affiliated Courses

UIC – Interdisciplinary Product Development
UIC – CS 594 Artificial Intelligence Applications: Innovation & Entrepreneurship Practicum
UIUC – BA 395/TE 498 iVenture Accelerator Course