The Discovery Partners Institute (DPI) is a joint education, research and innovation institute that will be led by the University of Illinois System, its three universities and partners. The Chicago-based institute will:

  • Bring hundreds of the best minds from academia and industry together with thousands of brilliant students in an interdisciplinary hub of unprecedented critical mass, to accelerate innovation and create life-changing products, taking them to market faster than ever before
  • Serve as a magnet for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, for inventors and investors, from across the state and nation, while creating hundreds of new companies and educating thousands of new pioneering innovators that find their home right here in Illinois
  • Retain and grow local and diverse talent, while attracting companies and talent from around the world, to live, play, work, innovate and prosper in an iconic environment, embedded in the world city of Chicago. DPI will be a global destination for innovation that will be visible from all corners of the world
  • Serve as a resource for local community organizations and schools, celebrating the diversity of a great city and providing multiple pathways to career readiness with partner companies
  • Anchor an entire network of innovation hubs that connect great universities, national labs, companies and schools around the state and beyond, creating an unparalleled innovation ecosystem at a grand scale without peer anywhere in the world

DPI will be connected to hubs across the state as part of the Illinois Innovation Network (IIN). Through IIN, the institute’s world-class faculty and staff will work with universities and business partners in other regions across the state on research and education initiatives that help launch new companies and lift communities.

Hubs are planned at each of the U of I System’s universities (Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, and Springfield), and at or near the campuses of our founding partners – the University of Chicago and Northwestern University.

Additional hubs are expected as new new partnerships are established in the coming months and years.

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